About MP Law, LLC


Our History

MP Law was founded in 2010 by Attorney Michelle P. Dixon (formerly Rushing), who after years of big-firm law wanted to provide legal services to the Kansas City metro in a way that better fit her personality and Christian beliefs.  

MP Law, LLC is a client-focused law firm that develops relationships and produces results.  Fearlessly operating under the philosophy that you're only invested in reaching a solution, when you actually care about the problem.


Why MP Law?

MP Law recognizes that no matter what side you're on, being a party to a legal action can be a very stressful experience.  Even the smallest of courtroom matters can create the biggest of worries.  Which is why our clients receive a personalized level of attention, reducing the stress that is often associated with legal matters.

MP Law will work tirelessly to meet your legal needs, but it's the "less-stress" experience that will exceed your expectations! 

Our Services